A Few Questions On Picking Significant Aspects For Horror Face Painting

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Officers were involved in 10 shootings in 2016, more than any other Canadian city. Five of those shootings were fatal.  The force was also the subject of 30 investigations by the Alberta Serious Incident Response Team (ASIRT), the agency in charge of reviewing use of force and police misconduct incidents, up from 14 the year before.    Edmonton had no officer-involved shootings in 2016 and 19 ASIRT investigations, but Knecht said his department could always learn something from the inquiry.   “Definitely, we’ll be watching it,” Knecht said when asked about the Calgary review. “We’ll be looking at what comes out of the Calgary inquiry … We’ll be interested to see any of those recommendations.”  While Edmonton police have seen an  overall decline in use-of-force incidents, officers shot three people in March alone. Knecht said no one factor explains the rash of shootings, but he did not believe police shootings are cyclical. “I don’t necessarily attribute it to being a cyclical thing, because I think the (policing) environment is changing,” he said, citing a spike in gun-related crimes. ”So there’s more aggression one way or the other. I think that’s going to transpose into more shootings, more use of force issues.

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